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New Work at Schaeffler in Seoul: Launch of new office space.

Schaeffler Group

Seoul/ South Korea


Project period

1.800 m²

The entire process of planning, awarding contracts, renovation, and completion for Schaeffler Korea Corp.’s new office space in Seoul was concluded in a record-setting six months and right in time for the new year.

combine was responsible for planning and project management for the 1,800 m² of space, along with change management for implementation of the new activity-based working structures for 184 employees.

combine has been assisting the group of companies since 2016 in developing and implementing New Work at Schaeffler.

The Schaeffler Group is a global automotive and industrial supplier with groundbreaking developments in the mobility sector. With 83,900 employees, Schaeffler is among the world’s largest family companies.

combine has been assisting the group of companies since 2016 in developing and implementing New Work at Schaeffler, a flexible activity-based work environment concept geared toward the future of collaboration. The idea is for employees to be able to find just the right place for any work-related task. If they need to concentrate on reading a report, they can find a quiet enclosed space, while those who are holding a workshop can use the versatile project space, which is equipped with various space modules. This means Schaeffler employees can increasingly work as part of a team in a modern work environment – connected, open, productive. This gives rise to new forms of collaboration while boosting motivation and productivity and enhancing the appeal of both the workplace and the employer.


Integrative New Work approach.

The New Work concept has an integrative approach that applies in principle to all global Schaeffler locations without rigid adherence. For example, if change is coming up at a location, the first step is to review whether the new concept can be implemented in that space, which is generally the case. combine has been involved in the implementation and rollout phases in many projects in Germany (Erlangen, Nuremberg, Schweinfurt) and internationally, including in South Korea, Malaysia, Slovakia, and Romania. 

combine provides support during the implementation of the new working environments, in train-the-trainer sessions to enable local teams to introduce and implement the Schaeffler New Work standards, during project management and design planning, and with quality assurance throughout the process.

The New Work framework has four fundamental pillars.

Three catalogs make up the Global New Work Guideline , serving as a manual for all aspects of a New Work project that are relevant to office space and as a guide to the planning or renovation of future New Work office space:

  • The space module catalog provides a comprehensive description of the various space modules.
  • The furniture catalog contains guidelines and technical specifications for furnishings.
  • The design catalog describes all materials, colors, and graphic applications.

In addition to the guideline itself, a "Toolbox" was developed in the form of booklets, a guide to standardized implementation of a complete Schaeffler New Work process. The toolbox explains the entire process (including change communication, relocation, IT, etc.) and lays it out for all those involved in the project.

The Global New Work Guideline is also an expression of the global strategy , which describes Schaeffler’s comprehensive approach to change management. Across locations, New Work at Schaeffler is accompanied by far-reaching change measures that include all employees, initiate change transparently, and thus put the needs of employees at the forefront. Giving employees opportunities for engagement and to help shape the process fosters trust and willingness to change while creating shared understanding and strengthening confidence in the process itself.

Images: Schaeffler Seoul

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