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Project management is more than just management.

combine sees the management of projects as an active creative task. For this purpose, we rely on experienced project managers who have gained several years of implementation experience in complex real estate projects.

Our beliefs.

To us, successful project management means more than just meeting quality, time, and budget targets. Getting there smoothly is our goal, too. That’s why we stay one step ahead of project workflows, are proactive in bringing all project stakeholders together, and bring about timely, foresighted decisions.  

We know from decades of experience that conceptualizing and executing real estate projects require expertise, experience, and the ability to get things done. We offer all three from a single source. 

We give our clients the time and space they need to focus on their original tasks, even with a once-in-a-lifetime project running. 

We ensure successful project management, not only with our tools and methods, but also through the personal, professional, and interdisciplinary skills and expertise of our consultants. They are key to the project and to motivating employees.

It’s all perfectly aligned with our vision:
Inspiring surroundings create space for success.

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Our view of work.

Our more than 60 years of experience in planning and execution of real estate projects are your guarantee of effective project management.

Right from the start, we ask the right questions to identify the goals of the project and gear our project management activities toward them.

We safeguard the user’s interests and represent the user’s requirements with regard to the construction site.

We reduce potential conflicts of objectives because we know all the sides of a construction project from experience.

Our service spectrum.

At combine, launch management involves holistic conceptualization of workflows and processes with the involvement of all project stakeholders, with the aim of meeting a certain launch date with full project functionality.

At combine, scheduling management is defined as process-oriented integration and coordination of planning, construction, and user services, taking into account the design-related, functional, economic, and environmental requirements for the property.

In addition to pure cost management at combine, which focuses on analyzing and managing funding requirements and outflows, we also perform cost control and cost tracking functions to ensure that all spending is monitored and approved.

Quality is the degree to which certain properties and features are met by combine project management, meaning the extent to which the goals set for a project are achieved. In project management at combine, quality features include not only achieving project goals, but also adherence to deadlines, professional expertise, customer satisfaction, and budget compliance.

At combine, project organization means the structure and design of a project and bringing the project to fruition as planned. Alongside the primary goal of creating transparency within the project, we also work on collaboration among those involved in the project.

The goal in opportunity and risk assessment as practiced at combine is to forecast how likely certain risks are to materialize and determine the full ramifications of the opportunities and risks that have been identified. The opportunity and risk management process is divided into six subprocesses: identification, assessment, classification, handling, cost calculation, and controlling.

At combine, the goal of interface management is to prevent the issues that can arise wherever there are interfaces and ensure that processes go smoothly. In addition to reducing the number of interfaces, the primary goal here is to coordinate interfaces between the user and construction side.