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Working environments of the future.




Project period

3.650 m² BGF

Multichannel commercial company Weltbild D2C Group moved into its modern working environments in the newly created Augsburg Offices office complex in Spring 2022.

The new campus offers ideal conditions for a contemporary office concept with the necessary flexibility for future developments. The company’s approximately 400 employees previously worked in three different buildings on Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse in Augsburg, having to travel considerable distances between different units in some cases. Weltbild will be the anchor tenant at the property in Goeggingen / Augsburg, bringing all of the company's units together under one roof and occupying 3,650 m² of space.

Goals and visions crafted.

combine has been assisting Weltbild since 2021 as the company moved toward new working environments, with responsibility for user representation and for coordinating the tenant fit-out work as well as managing the overall project right up to relocation management. The goals and visions for the New Work project were developed in cooperation with the executive management and works council of Weltbild. 

The Weltbild brand is brought to life for both external and internal audiences via a cohesive interior design developed by combine. The main focus here is on an inspiring work environment that offers a place where people can come together and collaborate. The diversity of the brand world is also reflected in the design, in the selection of natural materials and an appealing color scheme.


combine is responsible for user representation, coordinating the tenant fit-out work, and managing the entire Augsburg Offices project.

Neue Arbeitswelten Weltbild

The Augsburg Offices.

The planning for the new working environments started out with design and use optimization for the new space to ensure that the new location would live up to user-specific requirements. The subsequent occupancy planning phase afforded an opportunity to introduce a standardized desk sharing concept for about 200 desks to serve as many as 400 employees.

The Augsburg Offices offer large and light spaces with room for conferences equipped with state-of-the-art communication technology and aligned with the expectations of modern, sustainable working environments: a paperless office thanks to digital document filing, hybrid work through a combination of working in the office and working from home, and a reduced number of workstations in the office due to desk sharing.

Depending on their tasks, employees can find just the right spot for their needs in this space. If they have to concentrate during their work, they can use quiet rooms and think tanks, while if they are holding a workshop, they can do so in one of the flexible meeting rooms, which are all equipped with various room and technology modules. 

There are soundproof phone booths and alcoves for longer phone calls. Community spaces with kitchenettes are dotted through the open work spaces. The design allows people to work increasingly as part of teams in a modern work environment – interconnected, open, productive. 

This gives rise to new forms of collaboration while boosting motivation and productivity and enhancing the appeal of both the workplace and the employer.


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