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Bringing corporate culture
to life.

combine is not a traditional design firm.
That is actually our strength.

Our beliefs.

To us, office design is more than simply putting a good idea into action. Design bridges the gap between strategy and the built space. At combine, our mission is to translate culture into tactile experiences, always balancing between consulting and design.

We believe in the power of good design that puts people at the center of our work. For us, working environments are living spaces. With our designs, we create spatial platforms that are breeding grounds for the individual culture of the respective companies. In this way, real identity-creating environments are created that inspire and motivate, are a pool of tranquility and at the same time a hub for exchange and togetherness.

Driven by shared euphoria and creativity, our goal is to thrill and delight people and bring concepts to life through holistic implementation.

It’s all perfectly aligned with our vision:
Inspiring surroundings create space for success.

Workplace Consulting von combine - Arbeitsplatzgestaltung
Bürokonzepte und Büro Design für scout24 von combine consulting

Our view of work.

We develop living spaces and office design for people – and most of all, with people.

We view design as a process.

Our understanding of corporate cultures and vision of forward-looking work is our signature.

We translate culture into physical settings and believe in the power of space and authentic connection.

Our service spectrum.

  • Narrativ-Entwicklung
  • Design-DNA
  • Belegungsszenarien
  • Modulentwicklung
  • Konzeptstudien
  • Look-and-Feel-Entwicklung
  • Kommunikation im Raum
  • Design-Guidelines
  • Produktdesign
  • Büro-Design
  • Occupancy planning
  • Design planning
  • Ausbauplanung
  • Signaletik
  • Ausschreibung und Vergabe
  • Projektmanagement-Design
  • Gestalterische Oberbauleitung
  • Grafikdesign
  • 2-D/ 3-D