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A successful real estate strategy is never based just on figures.

combine views commercial real estate first and foremost as a production factor, not just an asset or cost factor.

Corporate Real Estate Management.

To us, real estate is more than just square footage and euros. The quality of using a property has a direct impact on the company’s bottom line. Every strategic development should bear that in mind. Corporate real estate management taken into account.

We are experts at balancing all the crucial factors that go into a holistic real estate strategy: in-depth knowledge of property use, real estate processes, and the real estate life cycle, combined with detailed knowledge of the market.

We view every existing property impartially and from different perspectives relating to corporate strategy and the real estate industry. Together, we analyze options, compare different scenarios, and provide support for transactions.

We create the necessary transparency, not only in economic terms but also from a functional and process perspective, so we can make the right decisions and assess their full ramifications.

We dig into the details and use functionality and use analyses and business case models to highlight alternatives from the standpoint of real estate strategy. This holistic view allows us to tap into previously unimagined potential for optimization.

We use our expertise to take a creative view of real estate. We develop revitalization and conversion concepts that can get your property ready for the future – including beyond its current use, as necessary.

We develop customized CREM organizations and help our clients achieve high effectiveness and user satisfaction.

It’s all perfectly aligned with our vision:
Inspiring surroundings create space for success.

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Our view of work.

With our real estate expertise, we provide holistic advice, always with an eye to use and processes.

We operate as a reliable independent trustee,
working solely in our clients’ interests.

For a truly sound real estate strategy, we take creative approaches and think beyond the property itself.

We set the stage for decisions that bring long-term success and offer relevant added value.

Our CREM service spectrum.

  • Fit-Gap-Analysen (Ist/ Soll)
  • Erstellung von Potenzial- und Szenarien-Analysen
  • Identifying recommended courses of action that take the company’s strategy into account
  • Durchführung von Asset-Analysen (Grundstücks- und Gebäudeanalysen)
  • Performing location, environment, and market analyses
  • Preparing analyses of potential and scenarios
  • Beratung zu Neubau/ Sanierungen
  • Begleitung im Rahmen des Kauf-/ Anmietprozesses (u. a. Objektsuche und -auswahl, Vertragsverhandlungen
  • Qualitative and quantitative assessment of consolidation scenarios
  • Identifying potential for exploitation
  • Performing cost-benefit analyses
  • Preparing business case models
  • Performing analyses of organizations and processes
  • Identifying potential for optimization (including in service provider management)
  • Devising organizational structures and processes
  • Developing calculation models
  • Devising operating concepts and processes
  • Drafting scopes of work and performance specifications
  • Support during the implementation phase