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Culture needs space, space needs culture.

combine focuses its New Work consulting on the interplay of space and culture. Combined with a holistic view of people, we work with you to design a comprehensive, in-depth further development of your organisation.

Our beliefs.

In the future, collaboration will take place as part of a dynamic process – physical, digital, and hybrid forms of working will alternate, whether on the line, as part of a team, or in projects. With so much change taking shape, people need responses for how people, organizations, and spaces are to relate to each other.

Our projects always consider the psychological effect of the space, along with how it will affect the productivity and wellbeing of all employees.

We know that one of the key challenges as we move forward with the New Work transformation process and all the new forms of work it will bring is to bring employees along on the journey. The reasons for changes and the benefits they involve need to be evident to everyone, and roadblocks and resistance have to be taken seriously.

If not enough attention is paid to these factors during change management, the whole process can grind to a halt.

We firmly believe that new ways of working and new working environments – physical, virtual, or hybrid – can only form a successful unit in the long term if they are also reflected in corresponding leadership models and forward-looking organizational structures, meaning an innovative work culture – and vice versa.

It’s all perfectly aligned with our vision: Inspiring surroundings create space for success.  

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Our view of work.

We are driving the change in how people work and working culture.

We support the new alignment of leadership and collaboration.

In creative formats, we combine the requirements of the organization and link the perspectives of employees and managers.

We build trust through conscious opportunities for communication and participation.

We make an impact and are pragmatic doers.

Our service spectrum.

We analyze your corporate culture and scrutinize elements of day-to-day work, laying a sound foundation for your transformation process.  

Wir unterstützen Sie dabei, herauszuarbeiten, wie Sie Arbeitsformen und Zusammenarbeit weiterentwickeln wollen und welche Rolle/ Aufgabe Führung in Ihrem Unternehmen einnehmen soll.

We will work with you to define project goals, guidelines, and the framework for your change projects. We will define a narrative and key messages appropriate to the target group on that basis. 

We can support you at every stage of your change project, from the project launch through to evaluation.

We can develop a suitable communication strategy for your project and implement it in appropriate formats.  

We look to existing management practices for guidance as we help you advance your leadership skills and support your managers in bringing necessary transformations to fruition.  

We offer individual talks and presentations having to do with all aspects of New Work as an exciting way to drive your own change project forward.