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Office concepts have little to do with desks, cabinets, and chairs.

We develop holistic office concepts that are ready for the future, combining aspects of the building and its amenities and infrastructure with the organization’s working culture and collaboration style.

Our beliefs.

To us, every office concept is a company-specific overall work of art. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all office concept or one right work environment. Our standards are always the unified whole comprising structure, culture, and processes – and, most crucially, the needs of our clients’ employees.

We work with our clients to develop customized workplace strategies that stand for better work, even beyond traditional concepts such as combination or open-plan offices, open space, and business club environments. Our work is geared toward your goals without losing sight of flexibility and cost.

We knew long before the pandemic that incorporating remote work options such as working from home is an integral part of conceptualizing a forward-looking working environment. That goes for more than just identifying your specific space needs.

We firmly believe that now more than ever, modern work environments will have to offer value beyond pure functionality. What is needed are vibrant places for dialogue and connection, places that bring an organization’s sense of cohesion and culture to life and foster a sense of identification and purpose.

It’s all perfectly aligned with our vision:
Inspiring surroundings create space for success.
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Zwei Personen die an einem Onlinemeeting in einem Think Tank teilnehmen

Our view of work.

We put people and their work at the heart of everything we do.
We are participatory in our work and always keep implementation in mind.
We support you throughout the process, from conceptualization and planning through the RFP process and execution right up to moving into your new space – and even beyond, if you like. Modern Workplace until moving into the new areas and, if desired, beyond that.
We can draw on more than 60 years of consulting experience. We have been implementing desk sharing projects since 1998 and activity-based working environments since 2005.

Our service spectrum.

  • Funktions- und Flächenprogramm
  • Bau- und Ausstattungsbeschreibung
  • Ziele, Visionen und Rahmenbedingungen
  • Nutzerspezifische Bürokonzeption
  • Modern-Workplace-Ansatz
  • Kapazitätsprüfung
  • Fit-Gap-Analyse
  • Organisation und Durchführung
  • Erstellung funktionaler Pflichtenhefte
  • Entwurfsprüfung
  • Evaluierung von neuen und bestehenden Konzepten
  • Umnutzungskonzepte der Workplace Strategy
  • Entwurfsoptimierung
  • Gebäudeoptimierung
  • Schnittstelle Nutzer/ Kunde/ Mieter
  • Schnittstelle Ersteller/ Vermieter/ (Fach-)Planer
  • Kontrolle der räumlichen Vorgaben
  • Nutzerkoordination
  • Umzugsbegleitung