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Our vision:
Inspiring surroundings create space for success.

We help organizations develop a holistic perspective on real estate – since after all, functionality, cost-effectiveness, and design belong together. This is how we achieve measurable successes for our clients.

Our mission

To us, real estate is more than just buildings, and work environments are more than just office space. Design itself means more than the name would suggest – and people are more important to us than machines. This is how we craft inspiring working environments at a higher level for our clients. We delve deep into organizations to truly understand them. We draw the right conclusions – that is how we work with our clients to shape the future of work. We create working environments that consistently combine space, technology, organizational structure, and corporate culture.

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Our areas of excellence.

We live up to our promise of holistic consulting by bringing together consultants and expertise across five complementary areas of excellence: CRE strategy & CREM, workplace strategy, design, change management, and project management. A full wraparound view is motivating on all sides. Narrow-minded consulting isn’t.

Our transaction advising services.

Mit der Gründung von combine Transaction vereint combine seit dem 1. Januar 2023 exzellente Gebäudeplanung mit erstklassiger Maklerexpertise: Zwölf Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter mit langjähriger Erfahrung und umfassender Marktkenntnis gewährleisten einen 360°-Blick während des gesamten Transaktionsprozesses. Sowohl im Rahmen von An- oder Abmietungen als auch bei An- oder Verkäufen. Alles aus einer Hand. 100 % inhabergeführt, 100 % kundenorientiert.

You’re just one click away from a unique form of transaction advising: