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An interdisciplinary team with specialists from many disciplines.

At combine, architects come together with economists, social scientists with engineers, and change managers with designers. Complex projects require a diverse range of skills, which we bring together effectively to benefit our clients. Our team members have a full range of expertise, from strategic analysis and conceptualization up to design, execution, change management and more.


Management Team


Management Team

Tobias Wilker

B. Sc. Real Estate and Facility Management

Pia Barriga

M. Sc. Architecture

Sarah Miessen

Dipl. Ing. Architektur, MCR (CoreNet Global)

Philipp von Mallinckrodt

B. Eng. Civil Engineering, M. Sc. Business Administration Construction and Real Estate Management

Maria Kowalsky

M. A. Scenography

Marina Skuratov

B. A. Economics

Nino Straub

M. Sc. Facility Management

Nikolaus Jägersberg

Dipl. Economist

Franziska Köck

M. A. Pedagogy

Martin Fuchs

Dipl.-Ing. Architect

Jennifer Enns

B. A. Color Technology / Interior Design & Art

Juliane Braunmiller

B. A. Interior Design | M. A. Business Management

Judith Wulhorst

M. A. Business Management

Juan Vera-Duarte

M. Sc. Real Estate Management & Construction Project Management

Marco Kuhlwilm-Diaz

Dipl. Ing. Architecture

Josephine Richter

B. A. Medium-Sized Economy

Jan-Ole Gramm

M. Sc. Management

Heike Weber

Businesswoman in the shipping and shipbroking trade

Friederike Vondran

Dipl. Architecture

Elina Kolarova


Sabine Jentsch

Dipl. Communication Scientist

Amir Babolsari

M. Sc. Architecture

Dagmar Wendel

Project management

Christney Somanader

M. Eng. Construction Management

Christine Gess

M. A. International Management

Anne Warnecke

Dipl. Ing. Interior Designer

Verena Brandmeir

B. Sc. Business Education

Dominik Roth

M. Sc. Civil Engineering, MBA

Bettina Herold

Dipl.-Ing. Architect

Andrea Sturm

Bank clerk

Alexander Maas

B. Sc. Industrial Engineering | M. Sc. Business Psychology

Björn Wallendszus

IT Specialist for System Integration

Luana Kenga Masha

B. A. Business Administration & Real Estate Management

Maximiliane Röckl

B. A. (FH) Interior Design

Alena de Beet

M. Eng. Facility Management & Real Estate Management

Teresa Modigell

Master of Architecture

Fanni Mészáros

Dipl. Business Administration

Michael Olbrich

M. Sc. Immobilien- und Facility Management

Dr. Hanna Genau-Hagebölling

M. Sc. Psychology