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Frau geht auf einem modernen Flur mit Holzböden und Türen entlang

Growing and expanding: msg systems moved from Bretten to Karlsruhe.

msg systems ag



Project period

1.582 m² BGF

msg systems ag is an international group of companies that offers a wide range of IT services and industry-specific wraparound solutions.

The company is headquartered in Ismaning and has about 9,000 employees spread across locations in Germany and other countries. It has been expanding for years. One key factor in achieving its ambitious growth objectives is the creation of modern working environments and successfully recruiting new employees and fresh talent. Therefore in August 2022 msg decided to relocate from Bretten to Karlsruhe, about 30 kilometers away.

Modern working environments
with a focus on amenities, design, and atmosphere.

An advanced working environment concept was introduced at the new space with support from combine. Across all its locations, the group of companies is exploring the topic of “New Work at msg.” The working environments are required to be aligned toward future needs in both functional and design terms while also incorporating lessons learned from the increased practice of working from home caused by the pandemic.

Transformation of work.

combine assisted msg during the search for a new location, handled the user representation, and supported the entire renovation process, right up to the interior architecture planning. Most work at the former location in Bretten had been performed in traditional office cubicles, so the move to Karlsruhe meant more than just relocating the site. It also marked a considerable transformation of the work environment. Against this background, msg wanted to be certain that employees were included and had a chance to participate in the change process, which was supported by combine.

These days, a desk and technical equipment is not considered sufficient in the IT industry. Still, it is important to strike the right balance between working from anywhere and working on-premise. After all, people need to have a chance to come together, too.

– msg systems ag site manager Mirela Cordua

An advantageous location in the city center, near the university, and featuring advanced working environments.

msg hopes the new location will act as a magnet. “The central location in Karlsruhe and the close proximity to the university were important to us, including in terms of finding new colleagues,” says site manager Mirela Cordua. Further growth at this location will require new employees, and employees are a sought-after commodity in the IT industry these days. 

This aim is reflected in modern working environments with a focus on furniture and equipment, design, and atmosphere. The workplace, flanked by two rooftop decks, is conceived as a “place where people come together,” a place where employees feel comfortable and the unique msg culture comes to life.

A pleasant, inviting atmosphere.

In line with this goal, combine crafted a design that is centered on creating a pleasant, inviting atmosphere – with warm colors, natural greenery, and appealing surfaces exuding a “living room” ambiance. 

The individual design concept with versatile, flexible furnishings and equipment also support collaboration, dialogue, hybrid meetings, team spirit as well as interconnected and focused work.


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