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Winner chosen in competition for new corporate headquarters

Hoffmann SE



Project period

31.600 m²

combine has been supporting the planning for the new Munich headquarters of Hoffmann SE since the project was launched, in 2018.

From determining requirements to reviewing the competition right through to optimizing the design, combine is also responsible for developing the new office concept, and it supported the company during the change management process for the implementation of advanced working environments.

Hoffmann SE is the European market leader in sales and manufacturing of industrial tools.

Currently headquartered in Munich’s district Pasing, the company has branches in over 50 countries worldwide. In the course of developing the site in Munich, planning for the new headquarters to accommodate approximately 1,250 office workstations and associated special-use space got under way in 2018. Project company Bodenseestrasse GmbH & Co. KG purchased a nearly 8,000 m² plot of land in Munich’s district Freiham from the city of Munich in April 2020 to build the planned new building. 

Once the project was launched, combine was commissioned to perform requirements analyses for the new headquarters and develop a user-specific working environment/office concept, which was documented by way of a function and space allocation plan. Work sampling and the relevant analyses formed the basis for an architecture competition carried out in July 2020. The Aachen-based kadawittfeld architecture firm and landscape architects Auboeck + Karasz emerged the winners in the competition and were subsequently commissioned to perform the planning.

Architekturskizze des neuen Hoffmann SE Gebäudes

Construction started in the fall of 2021. An advanced building complex with a high-end look, which will also encompass a high-rise with 14 upper floors and three basement levels, is under construction between Bodenseestraße and the Freiham S-Bahn stop. On the whole, nearly 31,600 m² of leasable space is being created on the property, with room for as many as 1,250 workstations. Hoffmann plans to use about 70% of the space itself, including the office space and a corporate dining area along with a technology center with extensive customer space.

A forward-looking building concept that meets requirements is being brought to life at the new location in Munich’s Freiham Nord area.

It is based on a functional, advanced working environment concept that will further enhance the appeal of Hoffmann SE as an employer while embodying the company’s strategic goals and values. With support from combine, this process of change is being supported by fine-tuned change management that includes the various stakeholders in the project with relevant participation measures.

Completion and occupation of the building should take place in the first quarter of 2025.

Images: kadawittfeldarchitektur


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