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New corporate headquarters
in the energy district.




Project period

12.000 m²

The GASAG Group moved into its new corporate headquarters at the EUREF campus in Berlin Schoeneberg in April 2021.

combine supported the group of companies throughout the construction period to move-in and beyond, during development and introduction of a groundbreaking working environment concept as well as the interior design.

A look at the new headquarters.

The headquarters of the Berlin-based energy service provider occupy some 12,000 m² and provide its approximately 720 employees with modern working environments that promote entrepreneurial action and innovation through collaboration. To foreground interpersonal connection, agility, and dialogue, the GASAG energy complex is now home to a multifaceted working environment geared toward specific activities. 

The multi-space office concept developed with combine offers a variety of workplaces with a comfortable atmosphere that adjust flexibly to agile working styles and a wide range of different needs. 

From ergonomic workplaces to think tanks and extending to specific rooms for projects, meetings, and conferences, there are places that invite people to work together along with quiet places for focused work. 

Digital equipment was another key factor. GASAG shifted its internal work organization to a cloud-based system back in 2017, enabling flexible, paperless work from anywhere.

There is no longer one place that does it all. Instead, there are many different places, each of which does something specific.

A new office concept: different spaces for different activities.

The new corporate headquarters on the EUREF campus is a place of innovation that stands for a climate-neutral future. The campus already meets the German federal government’s climate action goals for 2050 today.

The office building was designed as a KfW 55 Efficiency House, which means it also conserves nearly twice as much energy as is required under Germany’s strict energy conservation ordinance.

Contributing factors include triple glazing, heat insulation, and state-of-the-art building technology such as LED lighting.

A visionary work environment concept developed by combine

When the GASAG Group chose the new location, in 2018, the office building was still under construction, so it was possible to gear the interior architecture, design, and office concept toward the company’s needs and chart a course to develop a visionary work environment concept early on. combine provided GASAG with comprehensive support and the various services detailed below during this process.

Inclusion of the change team.

GASAG’s internal change team supported the implementation of the project through this entire phase with various change measures. Among other things, the new office concept was brought to life for employees in a pilot space at the former company site.

Dr. Laura Kienbaum, Managing Director at combine until the end of 2021, says New Work is a crucial concept: “It’s all about sparking dialogue between a company’s culture and its space.” At the same time, the company wanted larger societal changes such as digitalization, greater flexibility, and advances in mobility to be reflected in its space as well. “GASAG AG had a clear vision of creating a future space for itself. Key aspects such as responsibility, innovation, dialogue, and transparency all needed to be brought to life in this new space,” Kienbaum says.

A common theme.

Working in tandem with the employees of GASAG AG, combine was able to develop a common theme in its interior design to serve as a characteristic feature of the new location: a regional touch, the connection to Berlin and Brandenburg, which is reflected in the design of the space.


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